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Our key difference: the best team

No two climbs are the same. So if you don't
have the right team, then it doesn't matter
how advanced your equipment is, you will
struggle to find the route.

Similarly, no two research projects are the same. And while designing the right research approach is crucial, you need the best team to deliver real insight.

The challenge then, is getting the best research people on your project. And here is something we discovered a few years ago: the best researchers often work for themselves. They are professionals who are committed to what they do.

This means they get repeat work and recommendations.

That's why we prefer to collaborate primarily with a trusted network of top-shelf consultants, all with more than 10 years industry experience. We know the team we put on the project will deliver because it's their personal reputation on the line.

Greg Petterson
Greg is the founder of Little Triggers and yes, he's a climber. He has a wealth of research experience having consulted to organisations spanning Banking and Finance, Insurance, Telecommunications, Media, Automotive and Retail.
Eliane More
Eliane has extensive experience managing qualitative and quantitative projects. She specializes in B2B depth interviews, focus groups, ethnographic-style immersions and creative ideas generation workshops. She also has an awesome singing voice.
Caryn O'Sullivan
Caryn specializes in qualitative methodologies. She has experience in group moderation, online discussion boards, consumer diaries and collages, car clinics and ideation workshops.
  • Team 1 Team 1 Greg Pettersen | Director
  • Team 2 Team 2 Eliane Morel | Consultant
  • Team 3 Team 3 Caryn O'Sullivan | Consultant

What we do

Concept & Proposition Testing

We test the markets reaction to your new product ideas, ensuring you make the right decision on where to invest to drive future revenue streams.

New Product Development

NPD completes the process of bringing a new product to market. This involves testing all key features of the product among potential customers to make sure it is attuned to their needs.

Segmentation and Profiling

We identify profitable segments that your business can target. We clarify the benefits they are seeking from your offer and advise how and where you should communicate to them.

Brand Strategy & Architecture

Increasing globalisation means businesses need a differentiated brand that customers rave about. We help you develop brand positioning strategies which drive growth.

Satisfaction & Loyalty

We reveal why some customers love you...and others don't. We isolate the key drivers you need to focus on to increase customer loyalty and generate positive word-of-mouth.

Shopper & Retail

Shopper and channel strategies are the key to success for many businesses. We identify the pre-store, in-store and POS drivers that help you covert browsers to buyers.

Communications, Testing & Evaluation

Delivering the right message to your target market is the centerpiece of a well orchestrated campaign. We utilise qualitative and quantitative techniques to ensure your communications hit the mark.

Social Research & Polling

Whether it is understanding community attitudes to emerging social issues or running polls for media release, our social research is credible and insightful.

B2B Research

B2B research requires specialized skills, particularly dealing with high value but time time-poor business customers. All of our consultants have considerable experience navigating these challenges.

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Why did we start Little Triggers?

We kept hearing from clients that they wanted their research agency to provide:

  • Talented researchers working on the project, not just the pitch
  • Greater engagement with them throughout the project
  • More clarity in reporting and less clutter

And we agreed.
That's why we started Little Triggers

Why "Little Triggers"?

We wanted a name that had meaning for us and what we do: Little Triggers is the name of a rock-climbing route in the Blue Mountains.

Climbing is a metaphor for what inspires us to do really good research.

Your business knows the goal you want to reach. We help you find the best route.

Regardless of the size and scope of the project, discovering new routes to help our clients achieve their business goals is what drives us.


Less Clutter.
More Insight.